Friday, March 30, 2007
April Fools' Prank Ideas!
There are many types of Pranks played on April Fool's Day ranging from the basic prank phone call to more advanced pranks. Remember, if you are playing a prank on April 1st - once the prank has been delivered, to shout April Fool !!.

Ring your friend before he / she goes to work and say " I'm so sorry to hear you got fired ! " - Act surprised they didn't know yet.

Wet a tissue with milk and run around holding the tissue to your eye pretending you stuck your pen in your eye, when somebody comes close, squeeze the tissue to make the Milk spurt out all over the place.

Place Cling-film over the toilet seat - an old prank but a good one !

Ring your friend and pretend to be from the local GP's office. Tell them they might have Newcastles Disease ( a chicken disease - don't tell them that ).

Go around the office and tell random people that a particular person (e.g. your friend) wanted them to drop over at 11am - they will be surprised when 50 people drop around to their cubicle at once.

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Start a rumor that your company is being taken over and loads of staff will be made redundant. Watch the onset of panic.

Put loads of Pencil (scribble and really build up the graphite) on a piece of paper and then rub around the eye and upper jaw. Then go around the office and say you were hit because you didn't get the report in on time.

If you are a manager or have employees under you, send people looking for made up items such as the dehydrated water, the hydraulic cement humidifier, the double sided transparencies, a fallopian tube, the blunt knife, a glass hammer.

If you work in a restaurant, tell all employees that due to new fair trade regulations, each serving of fries or chips must contain exactly 257 pieces.

During lunch, say to your friend, "Sorry to hear about your partner, (pause) I suppose you had to find out about the affair sooner or later - the whole office knew about 2 months ago.".

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