Sunday, March 25, 2007
April Fools Television Jokes
Maya Karin of Channel VI International announced during [V]-Rated Weekend that the channel had taken a change of direction; instead of music, there would be World News, followed by a round-table discussion on the Merits of Literary Fiction on Civic Consciousness, and then some classical music.

NBC ran some Public service announcements in the style of the "The More You Know" campaign, done by cast members of "The Office", while in character. An example by Dwight Schrute: "Black bears weigh between 2 and 500 pounds. Brown bears weigh between 300 and over a thousand pounds. Black bears run away from you. Brown bears run at you. When attacked by a bear, simply lie still on the ground and cover your face and head with your hands. When the bear's finished batting you around and mauling you, contact the U.S. Forest Service." More of these PSAs are posted on NBC's web site.

On Newsround, a BBC news program for children, presenter Jake Humphrey announced that David Beckham will not be playing in the 2006 World Cup as his parents are Scottish.

Veronica, a Dutch TV station, said it would air Mission Impossible 3. It turned out to be a trailer.


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