Tuesday, March 27, 2007
April Fool Food Ideas & Recipes - II
Continuing from where I left, here are some easy-to-prepare recipes that will just double the fun on the 1st of April -

April Fools' Lunch

* Lemon Jell-O
* Kit Kat bar
* Graham crackers
* Vanilla ice cream
* Caramel syrup
* Dehydrated peas and carrots

* Make and pour lemon Jell-O in glasses, insert a straw and let it set up. It looks so much like lemonade.
* Take the separate long pieces of the Kit Kat bar and coat them with cooking spray and crushed graham crackers to make them look like fish sticks.
* Put vanilla ice cream onto a plate and pour caramel syrup on its top to look like mashed potatoes and gravy.
* Add dehydrated peas and carrots to the dinner or pea and carrot-shaped candies.
* Perfect for kids.

Cake In Ice Cream Cone

* Cake cones wafer with flat bottoms
* Batter of any cake
* Ready-made vanilla or chocolate frosting
* Sprinkles
* Cake decorating bag with a star cake-decorating tip


* Pour cake batter into the cones up to three-fourths of their capacity.
* Bake for about 15 minutes at 350°F temperature.
* Let it cool and set.
* Put frosting into decorating bag with star tip and swirl the frosting on the top like a soft-serve ice cream.
* Add sprinkles if desired.

Pizza Candy

* 1 - Unbaked piecrust
* Green dots candies
* 1 - Red fruit roll
* 1/2 cup - Shredded coconut
* Yellow food coloring
* 1 - Small jar of red jelly

* Put piecrust on a round pizza pan, folded at the edges to resemble a pizza crust.
* Bake the crust as directed.
* Cut the dots into bell pepper like pieces using butter knife.
* Cut fruit rolls into pepperoni like circles using cleaned and washed scissors.
* Mix and shake coconut shreds and food coloring thoroughly.
* Spread the jelly on crust, sprinkle it with coconut and candy pieces and decorate with fruit roll circles.
* Serve the yummy pizza candy.


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