Wednesday, March 28, 2007
April Fools' Birthday!
Birthdays are always fun and when they have the good luck of being celebrated on the 1st of April, well, I guess nothing could get better than this! April Fools' Birthday have the distinction of making the life of the birthday person very miserable or very enjoyable - it all depends on the kind of luck that you will have :)

So, if the birthday party is on the 1st for you or anyone else you know, here's some gift ideas that will surely rock the party you are having! Take a look below -

Choose appropriate gifts for your friends and relatives that are sure to entertain them or stun them on the day for fools. Popular choice for book worms may include books on tricks and pranks, hilarious and funny jokes, books on optical and other illusions, the impossibilities and eternal puzzles of science, practical joke books and some easy experiments that create shocking effects are some good options.

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The other books may include silly and foolish ideas and anecdotes. Cooks and chefs will love the books of unusual and weird recipes that are not so uncommon, including preparations from different regions of the world. You may also gift them the books on the origins of the popular recipes that are interesting to read.

Gag gifts are of course the first choice on April Fool's Day and you will find plenty of ideas from the websites marketing pranks, fake currencies, fake receipts and parking tickets, practical jokes and gag gifts. Some popular choices include fart machines, stink bombs, various bumper stickers, fake bullet holes and cracked glass tattoos.

Fake lottery tickets, fake skeletons and blood are also popular while many love the pen that gives a mild electric shock. Almost everything is available online these days including boinks, inflatable dolls and animals, extra large diapers, dead roses and fishes, silly putty, finger cuffs, Groucho Marx glasses with a big nose and mustache, crackers & poppers, funny tattoos and whoopee cushions. So go for it and make a mark that everyone will always remember and cherish.

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