Thursday, March 29, 2007
Quick And Easy Practical Jokes
April Fool's Day is just around the corner, so here's a couple of easy ones that will keep the laughter rolling in! I will be posting some more last minute pranks and jokes, in the coming days, so keep tuned here -

When you visit your friends house, put a squirt of washing up liquid in their dishwasher. Next time they run it suds will come oozing out the door.

Place a coin on the ground and wait for someone to bend down to pick it up. As they do, tear a piece of fabric and they'll think they just burst their pants.

Tie a thin, almost invisible piece of thread to a coin and place it on the ground. Wait for someone to bend down towards it and pull it away at the last second.

Wait 'till someone is drinking a can of fizzy soda and when their not looking drop in some sugar or a sugar sweet. The soda will fizz up and start pouring uncontrollably out of the can.

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