Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Countdown for Christmas
Christmas is coming! I am so excited. I like everything about it- the decorations, the feast, the choirs and even my grand ma's badly designed sweaters! After all it's the thought that matters.
I have began counting the days with these Christmas Countdown widget. Even you can use it for your "blog decor". Check it out.


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Thursday, November 1, 2007
Pranks on friends
First of all, belated Happy Halloween to all of you. So what trick did you play on your friends? Last year we had the experience of spookiest and scariest Halloween ever, thanks to one of friend who gave all of us the fright of our life. We all got our revenge on the April fool's day. Coincidentally, on 1st of April he had a flight to catch in the morning. We made a plan with his room-mate and made a every clock in his apartment two hours ahead. The plan went smoothly- he had to rush frantically to the airport and in the hurry he forgot his important files. It was after reaching the airport that he realized the prank we had played on him. But don't think that we put him in any big trouble. Hehe... after all,we are good people. We all met him in the airport where his roommate gave his important things and we all had a hearty meal.

If you want to play pranks on your friends you can always check out sites like Prank Site where you will be bombarded with loads of ideas. But always be cautious: pranks are made for fun, not for causing pain to anyone.

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