Friday, March 30, 2007
April Fools' Day - Prank Ideas For Co-workers And Classmates
Here are few fun, yet harmless pranks that you can play on your co-workers or classmates and simply get away with it! Take a look -

1) This one is simple, but very effective -- even more so if the victim has been on vacation, and away from computers for a while. Simply switch the "M" and "N" keycaps on their keyboard. Most office workers these days only partially touch-type. It's a big bonus if their password contains an "M" or and "N." Their frustration at not being able to log in is hilarious.

2) Scotch tape their phone handset down. Believe it or not, a lot of people don't notice this. Or, if they have an older mouse, scotch tape the bottom of the mouse. They move their mouse back and forth, and nothing happens. Some of them even slam it around, trying to get it to work.

3) A quick and easy prank. Wait for someone to walk away from their PC. Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Mouse. Select the "Pointers" tab and change the first cursor (Normal Select) from an arrow to the same thing they use for the "Busy" cursor. See how long they will stare at their screen waiting for the computer to finish what it's doing.

4) Carefully cut a piece of black construction paper so that it exactly covers the glass on a computer monitor. Using double-sided tape, fasten the paper to the monitor. Chuckle as they turn on the computer, and see nothing but a black screen.

5) Go to the Windows Control Panel and double-click "Mouse." Switch the right mouse button so that it's activated by the left mouse button, and vice-versa. For even more fun, make the mouse go as slowly as you can, then laugh as it takes them forever to switch it back.

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