Friday, March 28, 2008
Good April Fools Day Jokes - U.F.O in London
Whenever April Fool's Day comes nearby, people think of fooling their friends and family. But when we think of playing some good April Fool's Day Pranks, it is mostly on one particular person or at the most, a group of friends. But, there have been people who tricked a whole city or a whole country, just through one single trick . It sounds strange but it's true!
One such example occurred on March 31,1989 in London. Thousands of motorists could see a glimmering flying saucer which was descending on London. Many others were busy locating the flying saucer. It finally landed in the outskirts of London. Local residents called the police, immediately. The police arrived soon, but was frightened to see a silver suited figure emerging out of the U.FO. At last, the saucer turned out to be nothing but a hot air balloon, that was specially designed to resemble a U.F.O. It was the brainchild of Richard Branson,the 36 year old chairman of Virgin Records. Branson had a penchant for Ballooning and pranks. But, instead of landing on April 1 at London's Hyde Park , his balloon landed on March31 at the outskirts of London..That was due to the wind which blew him , and he was forced to land earlier than scheduled and in another location. He fooled almost whole of U.K.
What a creative, daring and good April fools Day Pranks that was? Well, not all of us can do that. For all who cannot dare to do something like that, lets engage into good April Fools Day jokes and send free April Fools Day cards .I found some good ones over the net. Send these good April Fools Day jokes and free April Fools Day cards to your friends. I am sure, it will fool them well. Ha ha ha ha.

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