Sunday, March 30, 2008
April Fools Cards And April Fools Greetings
Okay... now friends, enough of April Fools Day history and origin. April Fools Day is right around the bend; just a couple of sleeps away. I'm sure you are ready with your April Fools Day fun ideas and accumulated some really good April Fools pranks to pull on your friends and loved buddies. But remember that your friends on the other part of the globe are also getting ready to fool you. It's the only day that you can fool any one and every one and should be ready with all smart replies to prove your smartness. April 1 is the only day in the calender when everyone tries to be smarter than one another, either by pulling some good april fools pranks and sharing some good April fools day jokes or by responding smartly with some really smart replies.

So why waiting? Here are some really awesome April fools day cards for you. Send these April fools day cards to your friends and loved buddies, personalized with some good April Fools pranks and quip some good April fools day jokes.

Click away these April Fools pictures and find yourself redirected to a unique April fools card page. Send some of these really cool April Fools cards to your friends and acquaintances to add a silver line to their celebration.

April Fools Cards -- Show Your Depth Of Love

I Love Hugging You... Puzzle your love and fool him/her on this April Fools' Day.
I've Found My True Love... Play a prank on your sweetheart! Surprise him/her with this funny ecard.

Tulips! Send a riddle and flirt with your sweetie... at the same time!
Click For A Sneak Peek! Play a li'l prank on your sweetheart with this cute ecard.

Ape-solutely Funny! Pull a fast one on your sweetheart and wish Happy April Fools' Day!
Cool, Irresistible! Serve up a fun April Fools' wish for your sweetheart.

I'm Hurt... Surprise your sweetheart and watch him/her smile!
Everything Seems Rosy! Act flirty and then play a prank on the object of your affection. We guarantee that he/she will love it!

April Fools Cards -- Happy April Fools Day Wishes

The Complete Personality Test... With this personality test April Fool folks.
Spell Your Name... Slip an April Fools' Day gag on folks and friends with this funny ecard.

You Have Got Mail... Send this funny notice to scare everyone you know on this April Fools' Day.
Tic Tac Toe Match! Fool folks with this perfect hoax.

Instant Formula For Being Famous! This April 1, play this lovely prank on everybody you know.
Mirror Mirror On The Wall... Pull a hilarious prank on friends. Watch he/she LOL!

Free Beer! Send a cool prank and chill with friends! They'll enjoy this one!
Know Your Horoscope! Share a little monkey business with folks and friends and watch them LOL!

Know What I Jus' Realized? Trick your friend with this funny ecard this April Fools' Day.
I Found A Perfect Date... Help your friends find their perfect date with this prankish ecard.

It's Me With A Fun Game... A fun game to full a fast one on folks!
30 Dates! Liven up friends with this funny dating prank!

Talent Hunt! A hilarious prank that'll have folks share a hearty laugh!
April Fools' Gift! This card packs a lotta punch! Share with friends and make 'em laugh!

Monkey Around! A funny prank for everyone you know!
Monkey Around! Play a hilarious prank! Send a funny crossword to folks and wish 'em Happy April Fools' Day!

April Fools Cards -- Good April Fools Pranks

Choose The Look You Want! Send this funky ecard to folks and help them find out their cool look.
A Card From Me... A perfect puzzle to fool and bug everyone you know.
U Got A Gift! Fill your friend's day with lots of smiles with this old trick.
Find Out What You Really Look Like... A cute prank to play on your loved ones this April Fools' Day.
A Thousand Bucks For You! A prank your dear ones cannot help but fall for on April Fools' Day.
Aliens Attack! Your friends will surely be fooled with this one and end up having a hearty laugh too!
Grab The Dollar! Make this fun day even funnier and monkey around with folks on April Fools' Day!
Monkey Business! Indulge in a little monkey business! Send this fun wish to your sweetheart.

Lotta Greenbacks! Laughter is the best medicine. Pull a prank and send loads of laughs to folks with this one!
24 Carrots! A veggie funny ecard to wish folks a Happy April Fools' Day!
I've Got Something Special... Send this funny ecard to bug folks on April Fools' Day.
Lucky Customer! Light up your friends' April Fools' Day with this hilarious prank.

April Fools Cards -- Office Gags

Hey, C'mon Grab The Dollar! Send your colleagues/associates a million dollar smile on April 1.
Bug Invasion! Surprise your coworkers with this fun card and make 'em laugh!

Official Email Notice... Play a gag on your office colleagues/associates on April Fools' Day.
Tax Department Fun! Send some fun wish to colleagues and friends!


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