Thursday, March 15, 2007
April Fools' Day - Trivia
It is just not April Fools' Day, you can have fun on other days too. Take a look on the similar festivals are celebrated around the world!

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Labeling people stuck to old traditions and customs as 'fools', sending them on 'fool errands' and hooking a paper fish on their backs as a joke to depict them as 'April Fish' that represented young and naïve fishes that are easily caught on the first day of April were a common practice in Britain, France and Scotland in the 18th century and were later introduced to the American colonies. With its spread and reach all over the world, it has now acquired an international flavor. Scottish people often refer to April Fool's Day as Taily Day, the day on which especially the spoofs involving the buttocks are put into action.

The victims of these jokes are known as 'April Gowk'. Gawk is another name for cuckoo bird. One can trace the continuance of these tricks in the popular 'Kick Me' signs that are placed on the victim's butts unknowingly to make people laugh. Mexican people celebrate a similar festival on December 28, which used to be a sad remembrance of the slaughter of the innocent children by the cruel King Herod. Later it evolved into lighter commemoration of children's pranks and trickery. English people call the fooled victims as 'noodle', 'gobs' or 'gobby'. They play pranks only in the morning and it is considered bad luck to play pranks and practical jokes after noon.

Romans celebrate a similar festival by the name of 'Hilaria', when their God Attis was believed to have resurrected. This festival is also known as 'Roman Laughing Day' and will be celebrated on 25th March this year. Portuguese celebrate a similar festival as April Fool's Day on the Sunday and Monday before Lent season, where people throw flour at their friends. India's festival 'Holi' that will be celebrated on 31st March 2005 is a Spring festival, where people play jokes on one another and smear each other's faces with colors and flower extracts.


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