Tuesday, March 13, 2007
April Fools' Day - Funny Party Invitations
When there is fun involved, how can partying stay far behind? What I mean to say is, even April Fools' Day is a great day for partying. Just imagine the kind of tricks that you can play on your unsuspecting guests! So, if you are game for lots of tomfoolery, then check out these party invitations that I found on the net.

- Write the invitation with white crayon on white paper making it illegible. Put in a colored crayon and tell the invitees to rub it on the paper to make the message appear.

- Post the 'Not invited' invitations. The message can go on as such - 'You are cordially not invited to the party, I am not having on 1st of April, so please do not be welcomed to the party snacks and drinks that will not be there at 7 o'clock in the evening.'

- Post the Thank you notes for the party before you arrange it. It can read - 'Thank you for coming to my April Fools' Day party and I bet you were the most foolish person there in the most stupid dress ever conceived.'

- Invitations printed backwards, upside down, in a spiral form, as an outline of a joker's photograph or the mirror image characters look funny too.

- Weird dress themes can be mentioned in the party invitations such wearing clothes backwards or inside out or any out of fashion clothes or clothes that are too large for the size of the person, dress in sacks or if the invitees are bold enough, even in diapers. They may be asked to enter the party wearing a bib or with a nipple in their mouths. After all, it's April Fools' Party!

- Cut the invitations in puzzles.

- You can also hand out a flier with a picture of a jester and invitation starting with 'Fools Rush In To Join…'

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