Wednesday, March 14, 2007
April Fools' Day - Just For Laughs Gags
The idea of April Fools' day gave birth to a lot of other prank ideas. The internet is specially filled with lot of sites that cater to such things. So, this what I also found. To reinforce what I am saying, take a look at this post below, you will get the picture!

Twenty-four years ago, on 14th July, 1943, Gilbert Rozon gave birth to a new and unique idea - to put the people who love to laugh along with the people who can make them laugh under one roof. Thus, a new festival known as 'Juste Pour Rire' (French words meaning 'Just For Laughs') was born in Montreal.

This unique festival gained increasingly more and more popularity and became an integral part of the culture of Montreal. This simple and fun-filled festival lasts for 4 days and aims to make people laugh, chuckle, smile, grin and guffaw together and entertain them. The Festival aims to revive humor in people and artists try to provoke laughter and are often bold and daring in their attempts to do so. The contagious laughing aura of the festivals makes it even more inviting.

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Today, it is organized in over more than 20 venues and a number of artists perform in the festival to entertain more than 2 million people every year. The idea was transformed into an original reality TV Show known as 'Just For Laughs Gags' that was first broadcasted on CBC Television.

In the show, hosts play pranks on few unsuspecting victims and their reactions are recorded for millions of viewers' amusement worldwide using hidden cameras. They are later told of the trick so that the victims can also join in the laughter. The tricks and jokes are kept simple and harmless and are usually annoying to the victims until they realize the truth. Let's revive humor in our lives too.


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