Thursday, March 8, 2007
April Fools' Day - Tips for successful pranks, Part II
The right prank for the right person is the trick of the trade. A fake car scratch or broken glass tattoo is good for people who love their cars. Place a transparent plastic sheet on one's favorite carpet or book and drop gravy or ink on it. Foods that look delicious and taste funny are meant for those who can't themselves from tasting just a bit of everything that looks good and edible.

No one can become a master without a real interest at perfection. So, if you really want to become a master prankster, leave no way of escape for your victim. You may even want to watch Home Alone Part 1 for the idea of what I am talking about. Place a number of pranks at a number of places for the victim, so that once targeted by you, they cannot escape. Placing the tube of shaving cream with the toothbrush of the sleepy friend can be put in combo with a face soap that makes you dirty in the soap box the towel that is clean outside but has powdered color inside.

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Good planning and careful study of the victim's schedule and mode of behavior always help in deploying successful pranks. You may need to lay a trap for the victim days in advance so that he/she won't suspect a thing on the intended day. One good prank is to carefully note the time when the victim normally uses his bathroom first time in the morning. Then place a transparent plastic sheet over his/her toilet tile a little before that or after the victim finally falls asleep in the night. Let down the toilet seat. Don't forget to capture a photograph of their expression when they come out.

Learn to control the excitement to get a hand at your victim to avoid blowing the cover of your state-of-the-art prank that you have placed for them. Try not to rush them or force them to do a thing or try something just because you are eager to see the result for if they smell the rat, all your efforts will get wasted.

Two or more jokes combined together heighten the effect. Much-awaited letter delivered to the victim's home early in the morning by their beloved fetching an appointment, fake snakes and plastic spiders in their cereal box and wallet/purse, credit and debit cards replaced by thick plastic sheet board of the same size, keys replaced with another set that looks same but cannot open the locks, onion juice in the perfume bottle and soap water in the milk bottle early in the morning are just the perfect ways to start pranking on the April Fool's Day.

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Use your skills of acting and learn to keep a straight face while you pull off pranks. You have to make people believe in you to be a master. If you are entering the classroom with a fake black eye wound and a cast on, be sure to limp a little and groan from time to time.

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