Monday, February 26, 2007
April Fools' Day - 2004 gags!

April 1 More Intense Than Mars -

Astrophysicists have announced a surprising discovery that April Fool's Day is actually more intense of Mars. Several factors account for this such as gravity, the force that opposes comedy throughout the universe and the extended length of the martian day.

Oprah – Fourth Person On The Trinity -

Popular talk show host passes up presidential nomination for 2008 in order to take a more esteemed position as the 4th person of the Trinity.

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 1 -- Oprah Winfrey has been declared the fourth person of the Trinity, according to an astonishing new theological agreement hammered out by the world's major Christian denominations. Along with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the popular talk show host will be recognized as one person in the sacred and indivisible unity of the Godhead--or Quadhead, as the updated Trinity will now be called.

Cross And Lopez Replace Howard Stern -

Fans who tuned into the Howard Stern show today were met with perky morning duo, Cross and Lopez. Cross and Lopez were promising fun without all the filth. They played Clay Aiken songs and other top 40 hits and talked about the movies that are coming out this weekend. They also played a message from the station's general manager stating Stern had to be taken off the air because of threats from the FCC. The pranks lasted for 90 minutes until Stern came back on the air to say, 'April Fool.'

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