Friday, February 23, 2007
April Fools' Day - 2003 gags!

April 1, is the one holiday of the year were we all can expect all things foolish. No matter how smart we are, on this single day of the year we can be caught off-guard. Enjoy these excerpts of these practical jokes and gags that I found in this site, from down the millennium!

Monkey Cloned; Types In Fluent English -

A company named First Genetics has cracked the Primate genetic code and created the world's first genetically engineered monkey. 'Marty the Mandrill,' as they've named him, is also the first genetically engineered organism to show signs of intelligence manipulation through selective chromosome laser enhancement. The result has stunned the science world. Marty is the only primate able to communicate with Homo Sapiens in their own language via typing in fluent English."

You can talk to Marty live via webcam if you wish. Dr Brockenführ is Marty's creator and will explain in detail why he chose to clone a monkey and how it came to be that Marty speaks fluent English.

Suffering Succotash, It's Ice Cream -

Ice cream maker, Scott Aldrich concocted a dreadful dessert for his customers on April 1: succotash ice cream. The Aldrich Beef & Ice Cream Parlor, in Fredionia, NY, just southwest of Buffalo, has been offering these wacky April Fool's Day concoctions for the past 20 years. The succotash ice cream, (35 gallons in all), is a combination of vanilla ice cream, corn, lima beans and pimentos. Past flavors have featured such things as bacon and eggs, pork and beans, creamed corn and sauerkraut.

Computer Virus Spreads to Human -

A software developer from Houston, Texas has become the first human to contract a computer virus, microbiologists have confirmed. John Newman, an employee of vTouch Systems, came into contact with the virus through the use of a neural interface that his company is developing. Avril DuChamps, a spokesperson for vTouch Systems, confirmed yesterday at a press conference that Newman had come down with the virus. All activities at vTouch have been suspended until further notice.

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